berlin, I like you this artsy


Last week was a very good week. Ha! Look at how positive I am, still, I’d feel better if i’d get a wink of approval. It was fashion week in Berlin and the atmosphere was so different compared to all the NY fashion weeks I’ve lived through while in New York. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested or not, the media will shovel NYFW everywhere. You’re grocery shopping? There will be some sort of sponsored PR thing happening to remind you it’s fashion week. In Berlin, everything is more relaxed and hip – there, I said it. And I actually loved it. Soon after fashion week it was World Cup week, yes because I’m sure celebrations lasted a week. The overall feel of the city was just great, people were extremely nice and talkative and not just because of the disproportionate alcohol consumption. It was really good to be here. I met so many nice people I can’t keep count. I was also so excited to be interviewed for Best Wishes Magazine, a Berlin based magazined that collects stories of creatives and the inspiration they get from the city. The cherry on the top was #REGENERATE14 an event curated by the Lab magazine and Generator Hostels Berlin. The idea behind it was to challenge a set of artists and musicians to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience considering the concept of ‘shared spaces’ – how we live and work alongside each other. Franck Itow, in the picture above, was painting whilst the event was happening. (more photos on instagram) I am sure it sucked for him, but for me, it was pretty amazing. Now I can say that I’d seriously love to have more weeks like this one, most definitely.

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berlin : lakes and thoughts


I didn’t realize Berlin was famous for its beautiful lakes until I got here, I mean, you can see from the maps that there’s tons of lakes here but hey, I thought they’d be like those lakes just beautiful to look at and that’s all. Nope, I was wrong. Lakes here have a reputation to maintain. They are THE weekend destination. A couple of days ago, some friends took us to this beauty, just 20 minutes outside of the city, and oh boy, it was nice! We went on a sunday late evening and despite being crowded you could still lay your picnic mat down and dip in for a swim. I didn’t  go in because, well, I don’t have a swim suit – ladies, on this matter, where does one who doesn’t buy bathing suits buy one? Back to the topic. The ones who enjoyed the swim report it as very enjoyable and I believe them! Now, coming from New York where, if you are a dog owner, you already know that you can’t bring your beloved pet along in adventures like this except for parks, Berlin – it’s a dog’s paradise. For the people obsessed with sanitation, I recommend turning your face on the other side. Why, you ask? Because the lake was full of happy dogs, playing on the sand and swimming with their owners. Me? I can’t wait to bring Andy along. Another thing I realized Berlin was famous for, more precisely Germany, it’s the nudity factor. Uh huh. People are very comfortable being naked around strangers. I am sure I’m not the first person to reveal this. After a swim in the lake you’ll see them removing their wet bathing suit, well, naked and unconcerned. That wasn’t our first naked sightseeing experience, I must say, but I’m still a little perplexed when I’m in shameless nudity proximity. Well, who knows perhaps I’ll adventure the naked german habits too. No, not really.

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shop berlin : silo


I’m really happy to welcome you to this new chapter with some new shopping in Berlin. Silo is a concept store based in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. The owners, three beautiful spanish women brought to life a wonderful, thoughtfully designed concept store filled with beautiful finds directly from Spain to Berlin. The store itself is a combination of craftsmanship and modern design joined by colors and texture. The rough wood makes it a wonderful way to display the pieces and I personally loved the selection of products. One of my favorite pieces were the su turno silk scarves, oh so beautiful and delicate. When I photographed the store I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the owners, Christina, I loved her style! It was the perfect reflection of the store. If you’re in Berlin, go by their store, if you’re everywhere else, Silo has an online store too. Christina, thank you for having me!


Senefelderstr 33
Berlín, 10437

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061914_ilenia martini_clutter

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I don’t do well with clutter. As a teenager I was all about mess, everything was a mess and organization wasn’t my strongest skill. I’ve come a long way since then, like with pickles – I used to hate them and now I could survive just by eating pickles. For years now I’ve been an unclatter-maniac, yes, I’m making up words. I like minimal decor, few colors and uncluttered spaces. I realized that every time I’m surrounded by color chaos and actual chaos my brain doesn’t cooperate and I’m not able to think clearly, almost like I need a neutral palette for my eyes to rest and let my brain do the work and I hope I am not the only one out there. Same goes for my wardrobe but that’s a whole other story for another day.

image by coco lapine design

sounds : summerwaves 02


Oh man, what a week. Let’s say it was long, shall we? Luckily it’s friday and we should all be unwinding for the weekend, if you know how to do it. Do you have any plans? Mine is to spend the least amount possible on my phone/computer, argh, internet related stuff, and be present in whatever I’m doing. A moment of deep honesty here, I live glued to my phone and sometimes when I spend time with people who aren’t as glued as I am to their phones, I feel very awkward. Checking my instagram and twitter are part of my daily routine, so much, that I don’t even realize that I’m checking my phone a billion times per hour until somebody (I can list a bunch of people) will just point that out for me. Do you feel me? Please say yes, and in all of this I also feel that I suck at my social media stuff because there’s days in which I don’t really feel like saying anything other than read. Oh well, if you have a secret for the perfect balance, please do share it with me. Now, going back to the weekend thing, I’ve been listening to some more music since I’ve started this playlist thing and i’ve prepared one that’ll make you feel like going to the beach!

4.’Dreamworld’-Rilo Kiley
5.’Wetsuit’-The Vaccines
7.’3 Days’-Rhye
8.’Crave you’-Flight Facilities
9.’Second Hand’-We were evergreen
10.’Fever Dream’-Young summer
11.’A summer thing’-Cayucas
12.’The look’-Metronomy





Listen on Spotify – image by cass bird

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this summer

061014_ilenia martini_summer

Oh summer, it feels like you’re here already. This year it’s going to be another city summer, different city though – from brooklyn to berlin. A couple of days ago while I was catching up with the blogs I follow, I read bluebird’s post on welcoming summer where she wrote down a list of the things she looked forward to do this season, you can also read Bri’s list here. I just thought to combine my summery moldboard with this list, why not, right? I haven’t had a proper summer in a very long time, like the ones we used to have in italy including weekends at the beach, evening drinks with friends and so on. Instead we had plenty of New York city summers which included loads of trips to red hook, outdoor cinema in Dumbo, picnics in prospect park and bike rides. This year we’ll be in Berlin, who knows what the summer it’s going to be like here! I’ll keep you updated on that! Now, let’s get down to the list.

+ eating / lots of watermelon, please.
+ drinking / raspberry lemonade.
+ practicing / being less anxious.
Is that something that you can even practice? Well, what do I know, I am the anxious one.
+ mastering / patience because saying that I am a very impatient person it’s an understatement.
+ learning / to listen more.
+ trying / to be less of a control freak.
+ playing / I’ll go with more playdates for andy (the dog).
+ finishing / blog posts.
I always start writing personal posts that I never finish and publish.
+ reading / I’m currently reading ‘the almost nearly perfect people’ – my obsession with scandinavian culture it’s a bottomless pit.
+ remembering / it’s ok to tell people how I actually feel.
+ wearing / birkenstocks, yes, I’m a convert.
+ cooking / vegetable barbeques. I haven’t had a bbq since the nineties, probably 1998.
+ working / on my portfolio. I haven’t updated it in too long.
+ traveling / somewhere calm.
I haven’t had a holiday in over six years therefore I am dreaming of going somewhere calm, on a poolside, with books and sunscreen, but that would mean that I’d have to actually buy a bathing suit.
+ wanting / to keep the fit game going on strong.
It’s not always easy to exercise, first the motivation, then the stress and what not. keeping a balanced exercising schedule would definitely make me happy.

If you end up writing one of these lists too, I’d love to read your too so shower me with links!
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shop berlin : ting


If you’ve never been to Berlin before, you’ll notice that it’s full of beautifully designed stores and cafes. It gets hard to pin down all the ones I love so I decided to photograph them and give you a little insight if you’re visiting this beautiful city sometime soon or just if you feel like doing some good ol’ shopping. My interest in interior design and the love for all things scandinavian came together with Ting. The beautiful owner, Laura, shares the same passions, of course, and put together the space in a way that looks very pleasing for the eye. You can find brands like hay, marimekko, ferm living, lucky boy sunday and jewelry. Yes, also beautiful and minimal hand-crafted jewelry pieces. What’s not to like! If you ask me, I would have literally bought everything from the store! Oh, boy. If you are in europe and feel like doing some online shopping, Ting has also an online store. Thank you for having me, Laura!


Rykestraße 41 
10405 Berlin

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