Beijing Design Week 2016 : Increase Decrease at Baitasi Remade


Not going to indulge into the usual ‘long time no see’ kinda speeches, we all know by now that I end up writing here only when I feel like it. Hah!
Well, I’ve been in Beijing for ten days already, between work and the Beijing Design Week 2016 I’ve been pretty busy but I’m here to talk about one of the most interesting things I’ve seen here during this round.

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Objekte Unserer Tage



Well, hello there. It’s midnight already, today was a pretty intense but creatively fulfilling day.  One of those days in which you are extremely tired but somehow feel inspired. I am art directing a photoshoot for an interior design client, (by the way, you can follow some behind the scenes on my snapchat @ilemartini) and from the prop selection we curated, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these beautiful products from Objekte Unserer Tage – unpronounceable name for a non German speaker – hah! My personal favorite is this Wagner vase designed by Anton Rahlwes. It’s the most beautiful and delicate piece of ceramic I’ve recently laid my eyes on. I definitely need to add it to my collection!


Carefully crafted design – Oda Lamp


I am sure you have read, at least once in your life, that ‘good design improves quality of life’. I couldn’t agree more.  I like to surround myself with beautifully crafted pieces knowing what’s behind them. Now, lighting it’s a tricky subject for me because I think it’s the accent that makes or breaks the harmony of a space. This beautiful floor lamp called Oda, designed by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo, completely stole my heart. It’s literally a ‘balloon full of light’. Each piece is hand-blown and it’s held by this minimal metal structure that makes it the perfect soft yet geometric shape. I was able to find this beauty through a new online store and showroom in Berlin called Mintroom – I love supporting the new kid on the block!



Confetti Coffee Table – Tambur, Fish & Pink


Whilst in Stockholm last week, I had very little time to walk around so you can imagine my happiness when I stumbled upon Tambur’s sweet window display in Södermalm. They were showcasing one of these Fish & Pink coffee tables from the ‘Freckles and Shine’ collection. The combination of terrazzo confetti tile tops with glass, valchromat and brass is absolutely stunning.

Stockholm – Furniture Fair 2016 & Note Design Studio


Next week I’ll be off to Stockholm for this year’s furniture fair. I already have a busy schedule, still, I’m making a list of all the must-see design related happenings. On my radar there’s a visit at the Swedish National Centre for Architecture and Design in occasion of the exhibition ‘Designer of the year: Note Design Studio’ curated by Lotta Agaton and presented by Residence Magazine.

Images via Lotta Agaton

Digital and social media strategies : Instagram as a revenue generation tool for brands


Having spent the last 1.5 years building’s online branding and doing all the work behind their instagram (on top of my actual job, of course), I have an insight on what it means for a brand in this day and age to be using social medias and influencer type marketing to drive revenue. I must mention that as an instagram user myself ( ilemartini ), I was lucky enough to experience all sides of the business: from brand, influencer to the user perspective.

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Group Work


I am sure you’ve already seen these beautiful images somewhere on Pinterest, well I was so captivated by them that I had to know more. This brand Group Work, sees the small every day items under a whole new light.

“We want to make the small things you do every day thoughtful, easy and beautiful.”

They sure do, really – look at this! Wonderful job with the photos as well, I must say. They might be a bit too abstract at first, but when combined with the styled ones it gives you an idea of how to use all the different components. Images by Lauren Bamford

lauren-bamford-esther-stewart-Groupwork_bathroom-fittings-03  Groupwork_bathrom-fittings

IMM and & tradition


I seriously love this time of the year. There’s so many interior design related events that I can barely keep up with all the new product launches. Tomorrow I’m headed to Cologne for the IMM. Lots to see there! In the meantime, I was flipping through the latest & tradition catalogue. I’ll have to admit that I have a soft spot for Danish design brands, despite that, I have been a fan of the brand since launch. They collaborate with some of my old time favorite designers like Norm Architects and Luca Nichetto. Their aesthetics it’s definitely not for all, the styling choices are beyond minimal, still there’s a very clear brand vision behind it so I respect that. The color choices might be a bit too strong for me, but it always catches my attention.

News from Northmodern – Elkeland


I am back from beautiful Copenhagen. This time around it was a short but really sweet trip. I loved the relaxed atmosphere at this year’s Northmodern. Being a smaller fair focused on Nordic Design, I feel like you really get to experience at a much more personal level than at any of the more traditional design/furniture fairs. Happy also to see lots of nice new product launches. One of the highlights for me were these beautiful mirror mobiles designed by Danish studio Elkeland – they work in the deep ends of the danish countryside. C’mon, how awesome is that!