Stockholm – Furniture Fair 2016 & Note Design Studio


Next week I’ll be off to Stockholm for this year’s furniture fair. I already have a busy schedule, still, I’m making a list of all the must-see design related happenings. On my radar there’s a visit at the Swedish National Centre for Architecture and Design in occasion of the exhibition ‘Designer of the year: Note Design Studio’ curated by Lotta Agaton and presented by Residence Magazine.

Images via Lotta Agaton

Instagram as a revenue generation tool for brands


Having spent the last 1.5 years building’s online branding and doing all the work behind their instagram (on top of my actual job, of course), I have an insight on what it means for a brand in this day and age to be using social medias and influencer type marketing to drive revenue. I must mention that as an instagram user myself ( ilemartini ), I was lucky enough to experience all sides of the business: from brand, influencer to the user perspective.

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Group Work


I am sure you’ve already seen these beautiful images somewhere on Pinterest, well I was so captivated by them that I had to know more. This brand Group Work, sees the small every day items under a whole new light.

“We want to make the small things you do every day thoughtful, easy and beautiful.”

They sure do, really – look at this! Wonderful job with the photos as well, I must say. They might be a bit too abstract at first, but when combined with the styled ones it gives you an idea of how to use all the different components. Images by Lauren Bamford

lauren-bamford-esther-stewart-Groupwork_bathroom-fittings-03  Groupwork_bathrom-fittings

IMM and & tradition


I seriously love this time of the year. There’s so many interior design related events that I can barely keep up with all the new product launches. Tomorrow I’m headed to Cologne for the IMM. Lots to see there! In the meantime, I was flipping through the latest & tradition catalogue. I’ll have to admit that I have a soft spot for Danish design brands, despite that, I have been a fan of the brand since launch. They collaborate with some of my old time favorite designers like Norm Architects and Luca Nichetto. Their aesthetics it’s definitely not for all, the styling choices are beyond minimal, still there’s a very clear brand vision behind it so I respect that. The color choices might be a bit too strong for me, but it always catches my attention.

News from Northmodern – Elkeland


I am back from beautiful Copenhagen. This time around it was a short but really sweet trip. I loved the relaxed atmosphere at this year’s Northmodern. Being a smaller fair focused on Nordic Design, I feel like you really get to experience at a much more personal level than at any of the more traditional design/furniture fairs. Happy also to see lots of nice new product launches. One of the highlights for me were these beautiful mirror mobiles designed by Danish studio Elkeland – they work in the deep ends of the danish countryside. C’mon, how awesome is that!

White floors


I seriously have a thing for plants. No matter how big or small is the apartment I’m living in, I like to fill it up with life! Over the past couple of years I’ve developed quite the green thumb, I must say. I have propagated all the Monsteras I have in my apartment from one tiny plant I bought when I moved in. Quite the satisfaction!

151229_ileniamartini_muuto_leaf_02  151229_ileniamartini_muuto_leaf_03

I’m finally getting around making improvements around the apartment. Bringing in furniture for my home office, and lighting. Why it’s so hard to choose lighting! Hah. A highlight has been the Muuto leaf table lamp.

Also, I’m experimenting with white floors. I’ve had such a tumultuous relationship with the classic orange hued, old school, German hardwood floors for way too long. For now it’s just in the kitchen/dining room.


Wrapping presents


Hello, hello! By now, I’m sure to be the last one reading this blog because, well, the chances of me writing a post have been less than a snowstorm in sunny California. It’s Christmas time already, which by Berlin standards, will last up only until the 26th – then it’s over, back to business already! Like every year, I made so many plans about all the things I want to do and get done on the very few days off I allowed myself to have that they start to feel even more intense than proper work, you know?! On this year’s list I wanted to read as much as possible, drink liters of coffee in cute cafes – of course, take Andy on lots of long walks, relax (which for me right now means watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix, take a weekend vacation and MORE stuff. Have you read the MORE? Oh, boy. Need a month long vacation, not a week. Right, off with the complaining rambling and on with the topic of presents. Not being the biggest fan of Christmas (I’ve had my years), the only excuse I have for doing some guilt-free shopping is to think about the people I love and wrap presents. Did I mention that I love wrapping presents? This year I bought some locally sourced paper by a brand called WRAP (they also make beautiful notebooks) and make Pom-Pom ribbons of wool.



151124_ileniamartini_shelfShelves seem to have a fluctuating life around here as I’m constantly rearranging content. Sometimes they get filled with books, plants, and others with all the little things. This arrangement has become a favorite because of the very soft color scheme and plants, oh boy, I love plants.